The Zelfs Zelicious Twitter Party & Review!

By twiceamummydoublethefun

In celebration of the new Zelicious Zelfs, there will be a twitter party taking place this Wednesday 30th July from 2-4pm. Myself and some other mums will be hosting our own Zelicious party from home. We were kindly sent a box of Zelf goodies to get the party started!


You can join in with the twitter party at home too! There will be online spot competitions for your chances to win Zelicious Zelfs. The twitter party will be full of fun and games that little ones can join in with. Make sure your laptop or PC is ready to go and that your following @ukmumstv and myself @twiceamummy. During the party remember to include the hashtags #Zelfs and #Zelicious.

This month Character Online have launched the new series of Zelicious Zelfs. There are 6 different types of Zelfs to collect that are suitable for children 5+. Inside our box of goodies we received the medium sized Zelf’s with each Zelf having different sweet scented smells; Berry, Bubblegum, Chocolate, Cupcake, Mint and Strawberry.


As soon as we opened the boxes you could smell the lovely scents. Although Isabelle and I thought the Zelf scents were quite mild Scarlett thought some of them were quite strong. Scarlett did have a favourite though, the chocolate Zelf (of course) and Isabelle likes berry Zelf the best.

What is great about these sets is they each come with a little accessory too.


The Zelf’s are 6cm tall so a great size to hold and play with, they have movable arms and legs and they all come with a unique print. Isabelle loves the hair on the Zelfs as she quotes ‘The hair is awesome with all the funky colours.’ The hair is soft and can be styled in many ways. Scarlett has a little trick where she blows the hair and it goes all spiky.



Isabelle and Scarlett have been playing very nicely with the new Zelf’s and can’t wait for the twitter party to take place.

We hope to see you there!

Disclaimer: We were sent a box of Zelf goodies to host a twitter party at home and in purpose of an honest review.

2 Comments on The Zelfs Zelicious Twitter Party & Review!

  1. Donna
    28 July, 2014 at 9:08 pm (2 years ago)

    They look so like Trolls I used to play with as a child!! x

    • twiceamummydoublethefun
      29 July, 2014 at 9:45 am (2 years ago)

      I used to have a collection of trolls too. They are very similar x


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